Welcome to Riff!


Since the age of 6, I have been a part of multiple performing arts schools and while they have truly helped me develop my abilities as a performer, my family have always struggled to keep up with the constant payments they require. Because of this, I decided to leave these schools and create something that was accessible to everyone.

The opportunities we are offering as Riff will be inclusive to everyone regardless of their age, ethnicity, experience, financial situation or any disability. We aim to make this experience both educational and fun giving everyone involved an outlet for their talent and the opportunity to be part of a larger community.


- Jasmine Pearce (Co-Founder)


What is Riff?

We are a Sussex-based charity aiming to create inclusive, high-end performing arts

opportunities and education for adults and children regardless of their abilities, disabilities, or healthcare needs.

We believe everybody has the right to be respected and appreciated as valuable individuals who shape Riff’s community.